For two thousand years, Christianity has been wrong about sex. To this day Christians grapple with defining gender, sexism, heterosexism, and what constitutes healthy sex. Miguel A. De La Torre—noted ethicist and scholar on the intersection of religion with race, class, gender, and sexuality—shines new light on these intimate issues in Liberating Sexuality, a provocative compilation of his writings that apply justice to the most private parts of our lives.

Grounded in biblical scholarship, Liberating Sexuality will help you discover new ways of thinking about God beyond gender, heterosexism, masturbation, and many other topics. Wrestle with controversial topics such as an androgynous Jesus, ethical S&M, and confronting racism in one’s sexual preference. Gain a critical understanding of how others view their own sexuality in ways you could never before comprehend.




“Wise, provocative, uncensored. This wide-ranging collection of essays indicts the most entrenched structural sins of our time—classism, racism, sexism, heterosexism—in order to overcome distortions of healthy sexuality and the goodness of our created, embodied selves. Naked and unashamed, De La Torre liberates sex from oppressive traditions of biblical interpretation and cultural imperialism. An inviting introduction to the scholarship of one of the leading Christian social ethicists of our time.”

—Rev. Dr. Darryl W. Stephens, Lancaster Theological Seminary


“This refreshing collection of essays will make readers stop and think about all the distortions of sexuality running through scripture and culture, including how sexist labeling of the Other as ‘effeminate’ functions as the primary dynamic behind other forms of oppression. While Miguel A. De La Torre doesn’t assume readers will agree with everything he says, he hopes to provoke a serious consideration of destructive gender and racial injustices that prevent the flourishing of sexual desire within safe, mutual, and committed relationships.”

—Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Vanderbilt University Divinity School


“Scholar-activist Miguel A. De La Torre is a highly trustworthy guide when it comes to critiquing social injustices and envisioning alternative possibilities. In this book he beautifully weaves together the threads of sexuality, spirituality, and social justice. Along the way, he offers indispensable insights about how every oppression defames the body—the personal body and the corporate body—as well as defames the human spirit. Don’t just read this book. Savor it; share it with your friends, allies, and even your critics; and, above all, embody its call for a comprehensive justice that leaves no one down or out.”

—Marvin Ellison, Professor Emeritus at Bangor Theological Seminary


“Dr. Miguel De La Torre addresses systemic issues of justice-making while confronting biblical texts that have long been misinterpreted. By addressing the interlocking and systemic nature of sexism, heterosexism, racism, and ethnic discrimination, Dr. De La Torre rightfully challenges readers to embody a stance that will more faithfully serve the needs of the world and of our churches. This is an integrative work that is desperately needed in today’s culture of hate and violence.”

—Joretta Marshall, Brite Divinity School


“Miguel De La Torre’s Liberating Sexuality is grounded in biblical scholarship and takes on such topics as masturbation, God beyond gender, and ethical S&M. Without providing easy answers, De La Torre presents biblical texts and characters that both confirm and subvert patriarchy, sexism, machismo, heterosexism, and racism. This book forces the reader to engage the Bible and sex deeply and thoughtfully in the movement for justice.” 

–Marie Alford-Harkey, President and CEO, Religious Institute


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